"paper & pen" style 2D MMORPG

A fully customizabe 2D mmorpg, in the style of good old “paper & pen” RPG (turn based fight), Text

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The pledgers and developers have agreed that the project is 80% complete.

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17 Apr
21 Oct

Developer Info

OTM is developing this project for $50000 total over 6 months.

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Project Info

License is proprietary.

1 person is pledging, but no development has yet been paid.

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c++ game online software

Project details

Outremondes (www.Outremondes.com) is a French Massive Multi Players Role playing Game (MMORPG), free and very flexible in term of creation and evolution. The client engine runs on Windows (and on linux/WINE). It is centered on the text and players can add their touch to the world through an editing software. Income are generated by the sale of extra feature/objects favoring its evolution, his comfort, or special events such as player against player (arenas).

In order to finalize the project, the team looks for an investment of 25-50K Euros (team is myself plus some outsourced modules), my brother (creative, editor), volunteer scriptwriters, professional illustrators,

Product: Outremondes is as much a game that a means to express itself while creating and while enriching the world. It offers the classical characteristics of a MMORPG, the creative dynamism in addition, an original fantasy universe, a very original fight system (turn based) that allows exciting “players against players mode” within a labyrinth that accepts only one survivor. In addition Outremondes aims a public more mature than most of its “competitors” (thus they are not really competitors). The style is often compare to the old good paper&pen RPG.

To manage it, there is an content editing software and integration in real time.

Strong points:

  • Flexibility: the game through an editing software easily enriches itself, implementations of new stories are easy and quick. All the new materials are automatically downloaded through a ftp client emdedded in the client engine. New graphism and world extension can be done nearly in realtime and all is

downloaded automatically by ftp client.

  • Distributed architecture: the controller of non-player charaters (called NPC: monsters, characters delivering quests) are done by remote applications, which allows more flexibility and reduce processing on server. It allows as well creation of new NPC very quiclky without recompiling client.

  • Easy to use: light client engine (small computer resources).

  • French original Games (will be translated with the fund of course!!!!)

  • Game is for mature people, the stories are complex and interesting.

  • World completely persistent through a basis of data MySql.

  • 80% already Developed (Desktop version). You can already play.

OUTREMONDES by his format and the complexity of his system does the wager of a more adult public (20
40 years), reader as much as player, and table role playing gamer.

Investment: 25K (server and desktop game):
15% Advertisings (newspaper, internet) 20% Graphics, sounds 35% computer Developments (labyrinth, class, custom clothes, bug fixing) 5% Development porting version to English 10% writings / extend game/ integration -

other 25K: (ANDROID only)

Mobile games market is very important, mobile phones have more power and wider screens (iPhone). The 4G (WiMax or LTE) is very advanced and should be available of here 1 or 2 years (depending on operator :). 3G is already there. Which means that the market of ONLINE mobile games is a lucrative market.

Considering the fact that the OTM client engine (C++, MFC or Irrlicht based) must be rewritten completely AND modified to work on ANDROID, we require 25K for the analysis, portage and then testing. All will be put in R&D. 60% development 40% testing.

If we find good investment there are dozens of very very cool and unique features that will make the real role player enjoy even more the game.

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3 comments (oldest first)

OTM 13 years ago * link

game is mostly developped and already running for french communauty!

screenshots@: www.outremondes.com/web_beta/o…

jagarva 13 years ago link

why don’t you use some funding to make an english translation of the game?

OTM 13 years ago * link

yes part of the funding will be used for this! this part is quiet small (5-10% of the funding!) next 3 months is testing of our new irrlicht client, and integrate very cool cloth custom feature. After is all new (see description) if we find funds.

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