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A server less social-network client with an open plug-in API.

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MJCaboose is developing this project for $60000 over 6 months.

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License is open-source.

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bittorrent database email2.0 encryption internet loosely-coupled-virtual-synchronicity-replication media mozilla plugin python xulrunner

Project details

The rational behind this project is that personal information needs to be more strongly protect. The user should be the person that own his or her personal information, not the Microsoft, Google, or Yahoos in this world. Information should still be available to other but it’s up to you how to share.

To be able to have an online presence the information needs to be distributed, but only to host that the user approves, and also all personal data is encrypted as a default, so even if the information is relayed though an accepted host it’s not accessible the the user on that host.

The system has an API where signed plug-ins can be developed, plug-ins are made available from web servers and/or through the p2p network. This is very similare to the way plug-ins work in the Mozilla family, in fact we plan to use the XUL Runner as the GUI platform hence the XPCOM component module so we’re hoping to reuse that Mozilla plug-in architecture as well.

Development will mainly be made in Python, Javascript/XUL. We will also try to take advantage of Miro, which is a media sharing application build with very much the same technology. The done great work with integrating video and media players with the XUL Runner.

First step is going to be the design of the distribute loosely coupled database and create the UI and plug-in architecture.

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