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What is OpenSocialNetwork?

OpenSocialNetwork is a social network of open source. Its main task is to create a social network releasing the source code.

What makes OpenSocialNetwork?

With OpenSocialNetwork anyone with a hosting web may create their own social network and give users this service.

Why OpenSocialNetwork?

Because there are many social networks that do not offer the source code, or just the API to connect to them. With OpenSocialNetwork both developers or users can create the social network perfect among all.

What functions will OpenSocialNetwork?

  • We will create a social network of open source for the whole world.
  • Create an API to connect to other social networks.
  • Give a service of social networks with OpenSocialNetwork.
  • Using applications of communication as Jabber to communicate in the social network.
  • Using other technologies of free software or open as OpenID.
  • Integrate OpenSocialNetwork in other free software projects as OsCommerce.
  • Create a search engine of social networks.

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