A small python script which does nothing except creating a reversed copy of itself.

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A small python script which does nothing except creating a reversed copy of itself. Reversed means that the character byte will be the last one and the last character will end up being the first. I use the term character, because I expect the script to be utf-8 encoded and when creating a copy of itself, it should reverse the order of the characters rather than of the bytes. The new file will should be called the same as the script but with .repy as extension.


  • Good Comments
  • Small sized
  • Use Unicode
  • Run on Linux, Windows, Mac
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9 comments (oldest first)

Berwyn 13 years ago link

Hmmm… I don’t get it. What’s it for?

Ben 13 years ago link

Yeah, neat but very strange. An “anti-quine“?

betabrain 13 years ago * link

I didn’t intend it to be an “anti-quine”, although I like that kind of programming. I am just interested in how a project like this one will develop. Will anybody take the bait and write the little script (except me)?

sid 13 years ago link

Pretty easy, but i can’t really see what to comment since its only one line.

betabrain 13 years ago * link

That is the tricky part of this project. Let your imagination run free. I’d like to read some interesting comments. And the comments can be outlandish.

in a few moments the following variable will contain not only a reversed version of this comment, but also all the other nice things in this file. :-) reversed = reversed2desrever(source)

sid 13 years ago link

Sorry, im new to this site and didn’t get how to submit my code, so its here:

betabrain 13 years ago * link

Thanks a lot. Actually I didn’t know about xyz[::1] - python is great!

Please figure out how to use micropledge, otherwise… I have no idea how I can give you the pledged $10 if micropledge doesn’t know that you have finished the project.

sid 13 years ago link

Nice to hear you can use it :) I guess i have to requote and in 12 days or so i can submit the code…

Ben 13 years ago link

sid, yes, that’s correct. Because you had trouble and quoted before, just email me if you want me to manually end the quoting period early.

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