Notepad++ : ftp/sftp client

ftp/sftp client allows users to edit files in remote mode.

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ftp/sftp client allows users to edit files in remote mode. Upload a modified file by a simple save command.

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pdd 13 years ago link

What do you want to have? A Plugin/Addon for Notepad ++ which can do this or a complete new Application?

donho 13 years ago link

I don’t need this feature. It’s for the users of Notepad++.


pdd 13 years ago link

oh sorry, my fault.

Maurice 13 years ago link

I think this already exists in KATE in open source world. It would only have to be adapted.

dsami 13 years ago link

Isn’t this already available using the FTP_Synchronize plugin?

yman 12 years ago * link

I use for editing Notepad++ because is a very complex program and support languages like C; C++; Java; C#; XML; HTML; PHP; CSS; makefile ASCII art (.nfo); doxygen ini file and other. Olso you can edit several documents at the same time. I got it from here: Notepad++

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