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Music Mash is a website that allows anyone to produce remixes of their favorite songs. Musicians will create and upload bass, guitar, vocal and drum tracks which are compatible with a specific song.

Users can then mix and match any of the tracks uploaded for a song to create the perfect mix.

Here’s how it works:

Artists will download a popular song from the Music Mash library. They load the song into their music recording software then record their own track over the music. The resulting track should sound like it “fits” in with the music and should be the exact length of the song. Once the artist is satisfied with their track they’ll upload it to Music Mash and tag it as being a compatible track for the song they recorded it for.

Music Mash Producers:

They choose their favorite song and see a list of compatible drum, bass, guitar and vocal tracks that artists have uploaded. They use the Music Mash Studio (web based) to mix and match the tracks until they come up with a mix they like. The Music Mash Studio will allow producers to add effects to the tracks. It will also have a “randomize” function which will randomly combine tracks and produce songs that are unique.

Why is this cool?

It’s a great way to personalize your favorite music.

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