A micro-wiki that let’s people write memes in SMS size (160 characters), voting and tagging them.

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MJCaboose is developing this project for $10000 over 3 months.

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License is open-source.

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meme python turbogear webservice wiki

Project details

This is kind of a merge between micro-blogs like Twitter and Jaiku and wikis. It’s loosely based on the theory of memes, but the memes here are expressed in text and limited in size (140-160 characters).

The user can submit memes either by writing them on the site, or feeding the site from an RSS feed, like from Twitter or Jaiku. Mind the size restriction, but there might evolve methods that can split up larger posts into separate meme posts.

Each meme can be voted on (support/object) by each user, only one vote per user (potential gaming problem here). The meme can also be tagged, and a tag it self will become a meme (as it is a text string, limited to 140-160 characters), which it self can be tags etc etc.

There will be a way for users to publish memes as collections (vectors), the vector will be available as feeds.

There might be some kind of relationship between memes, such as a meme could extend another meme. But that hasn’t be defined yet. It might be abandoned in favor of tags and vectors.

Also there needs to be an API for third party integration, possibly an RESTful API.

The project is Open Source and should be considered as an experimental research project.

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