A client for the music network that saves the songs as taged mp3 files.

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18 Nov
18 Dec
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delphiN is developing this project for $500 over 4 weeks.

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License is open-source.

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c++ music qt

Project details is a Open-source client for the music network. It is based on the original open-source client. Its source code can be downloaded at #

State 1: $500

  • The client saves all played and started songs as single mp3 files in a standart location.

State 2: $1000

  • The mp3 files are tacked and stored in folders according to their artist.
  • A settings dialog to configure the file saving.
  • A special Icon showes the saving process in the status bar.

State 3: $2000

  • Playback of saved songs with the client.
  • A Expolrer-view to brause through the saved data.

Future States:

  • Send commands like “love” or “banned” to the network when hearing saved songs.
  • TrueCrypht support to store the files in an cryphted folder.
  • A buy this song button for some online music stores.

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