Joomla microPledge Widgets Module

Module for Joomla that can show your microPledge project with widgets

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perry is developing this project as a donations-only project.

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License is open-source.

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free joomla micropledge open-source widgets

Project details

This is a module that we wrote just to get our microPledge project widgets shown on our own site without having to make one box for each, we had just one at that point, but one day it could be 50 or 100. You never know. It would be much easier to have a module where you just write the microPledge project names in a field and click save, and there you are.


  • Assign one or multiple project by their microPledge name, separated by comma
  • Assign “Easy to read” project names, seperated by comma.
  • Select which Widget to show, static or dynamic
  • Select if the images should be shown Horizontal or Vertical
  • Select how many widgets to show per row in Horizontal view
  • Choose if the module footer should be shown or not. Check the modules page for download link

You can also find the module at

If you have any other features that you would like to see in this module please tell us.


Update the module with support for the new JSON project information feed that has been made available.

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