GroupJive Joomla 1.5 native Update

Update the GroupJive component to be Joomla 1.5 native compatible.

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14 Oct
27 Nov
the developer is waiting for pledges

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joomlaexpert is developing this project for $3000 over 5 weeks.

The previous developer of this project was 09efe72.

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License is open-source.

76 people are pledging, but no development has yet been paid.

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groups interest joomla organic

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Update the GroupJive component to be Joomla 1.5 native compatible.

Include support for Fireboard forum integration and adding events to the group from EventList 0.9.2

Add a plugin api to the component similar the the plugin system for CB

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scubaguy 16 years ago link

a project has been created to attract a developer at…

mgltacoma 16 years ago link

Many of us already using Joomla 1.0x and migrating already existing site to 1.5 takes tons of time. Developing GJ for 1.0x is more reasonable since most of GJ users exist on 1.0x not 1.5 since GJ project started before J1.5

Rapunzl 15 years ago link

It’s possible that, like CB, a new developer could make it compatible with both! Many are moving to 1.5 (including me), but some are slow to move from the tried and true.

Developers are better able to let us know what’s possible, but we need a developer first! So let’s pull together for that before worrying about the other stuff.

MikeD 15 years ago link

Looks like the project posted by Scubaguy on has received a bid for $1600. So far, we are up to $1370, just $230 short.

Scubaguy: can you follow up with the bidder - I think they sent you a private message. Maybe they will start the project with the $1370 – I am sure the balance will follow even from those who have already pledged.

koenig.ludwig 15 years ago link

yep … now we’re at 1.600 US$.

scubaguy 15 years ago * link

possible good news! I just had a chat with Beat, the lead CB developer. He is considering creating a groups component or add-on to CB. That means it would be compatible for both Joomla 1.0 and 1.5. They had actually wanted to do this before, but didn’t due to the existence of GroupJive. If all goes well it would have very basic function and include a plugin system that would allow developers to create whatever additional functions they wish. I’ll keep you informed as things progress.

MikeD 15 years ago link

That is good news that the CB gang might be wanting to do it. I think the quickest way would be for Beat and his crew to put a bid in here at micropledge – they’d win the bid for sure. How about that?

scubaguy 15 years ago link

This is all just brainstorming at this point. Give the CB team time to think about it and respond when they are ready.

rofar 15 years ago link

Ben, re “Anyone keen to develop this project (and take away the pledges :-), or know of anyone who might be? ” - I recommend Beat from (he’s the core developer for Community Builder). Community Builder 1.2 is Joomla 1.5.3 native! It would be great to see Joomla 1.5.3, Community Builder 1.2 and the next GroupJive all perfectly compatible and native to each other! I think Beat would be the best choice to take this up!!!

Here’s his profile on JoomlaPolis:


Ben 15 years ago link

Hi rofar, thanks. I’m not a JoomlaPolis user, so I can’t actually view his profile – have you mentioned this project to him? There’s quite a decent-sized bounty on this now, so it’d be good to get a developer with some Joomla know-how on board.

julienV 15 years ago link

Hi all,

I’m a Joomla freelance developer, I recently joined eventlist 1.5 project, and I am developer of Joomleague ( and my own component for 1.5, Tracks (

Anyway, I’ll look into this !

julienV 15 years ago link

I took a look at the code.

There are a lot of thing, but it looks clean, at least the parts i looked at. I think I could do the port to 1.5 native for $1600. For the other parts (fireboard, eventlist, plugin system), it is very difficult to quote at the moment without a deep knowledge of the code. However, doing the port to 1.5 would give me that experience.

I didn’t use the quote feature yet, because It forces me to quote for at least the pledge amount, and there doesn’t seem to be a solution for a partial quote.

Ben 15 years ago * link

Hi julienV,

Good to hear you’re interested in developing this (or at least part of it).

As for quoting, I’d recommend just going ahead and quoting for the full project – approximate if you need to. With microPledge projects you can do progress releases along the way, and get partial payments as a result. So when you’ve finished what you can do, estimate you’re 60% done, and if pledgers are happy, you’ll get 60% of the pledge money. (If you estimate too high, it’s no problem, but the pledgers might only vote to give you the percentage they think you’ve done.)

From there, if you think it’d be better for another developer to finish the project, you can simply re-open the project for quotes.

Hope that helps. –Ben

dioscouri 15 years ago * link

Hello all!

I think the crew over at will be taking on this project… it ‘jives’ well with some things we’re already developing …



julienV 15 years ago link


I’m waiting for pledgers input to close the quoting period and start working on that.

Please decide if you prefer to wait for discouri extension, or if I should get going.

Ben 15 years ago link

Hi JulienV, by the number of pledges coming in, looks like people are happy for you to go ahead :-) It’s been two weeks, so at any stage you can click “End quoting and become the developer” to get started. Have fun! -Ben

scubaguy 15 years ago link

I can’t give any more details at this time, but there is some GJ development in progress. No promises on if and when there will be a release. I’m not the developer. I’m just passing on what I can to the community. I’ll post more when I know more.

I apologize for the silence and lack of information. Hopefully there will be more to say soon. If you are in a rush I would suggest paying JulienV or another developer to do the work.

scubaguy 15 years ago link

Micha (stiggi) is back in action as the groupjive developer with a new release coming soon.…

jasperli 15 years ago link

Same for me… i do only pledge when it will be a 1.0.xx component as well. Don’t let us down…..


richardprice 15 years ago link

Not sure if you all know but the Community Builder team are integrating the GJ functions into the next version of CB. Does this remove the need for this now?

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