An OS Independent Shell that will run portable applications from a USB Pen Drive and the Web

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A user friendly self installing application that will install a highly secured password protected Windows/Linux OS Shell on a portable pen drive or portable hard drive with minimum 8GB capacity, partitioning the storage media into user defined parts, one for secured data storage and another for storing portable applications.

Once installed, the application will execute automatically when the portable device is inserted into USB port providing a login screen that will open up a start menu or full screen desktop.

Users should be able to install new portable applications and uninstall existing applications.

Users should be able to define if their data is to be stored in the secured partition or openly.

Offer a backup utility that will create a disc image of the contents of the pen drive and then burn it to a CD/DVD.

Offer a Web Upload/Download utility that will backup data as defined by the User.

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