A set of tools to make a Debian based distro with your own additions and patches

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jafd is developing this project for $1500 over 9 months.

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The Debian GNU/Linux distribution is powerful, has consistent policy, and is quickly approaching your average end-user expectations on desktops. It would be extremely good to see OEMs pre-installing Debian on boxes they sell. However, altering defaults, throwing in OEM’s ads is quite much of a hassle.

Therefore, this idea. Debian has a lot of maintainer tools; they, however, are Debian project-centric. What I want to accomplish is: 1) you have a directory tree with all your additions/alterations separate, or 2) you have lots of such trees; 3) you can make a package and use some tool on it to test it; 4) you can make a whole bootable ISO with just one command; 5) you can make several ISOs at once; 6) you can make a repository with your package versions having a higher priority and the rest taken from mainline Debian; 7) a single command to install the tool itself, tell it where do you want to keep your projects tree, and you’re done; 8) you don’t need to support the whole thing, just the things you have made.

The audience is: OEM vendors and consultants who want to earn some cash for testing and packaging thing for OEM vendors and specific installations.

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