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Give the option to use creative commons licence for new projects.

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[Edit] This project has now been closed as the creative commons licence doesn’t apply to software development [/Edit]

This one is a simple one, it’s just to give the choice to people on this website to create new projects using the creative commons licence.

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Berwyn 13 years ago link

The Creative Commons license is a non-software license. That’s fine on microPledge - it’s just that it isn’t our main focus yet.

This project’s popularity will help tell us how many people want this kind of non-software project.

Until then, you can easily use a Creative Commons license by selecting our “Proprietary” license - which basically means you get to design your own or use whatever license you want!

Ben 13 years ago link

tursiops, what kind of projects did you have in mind that would benefit from a Creative Commons license?

tursiops 13 years ago link

In fact I was thinking of doing my other project:… as a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.

Ben 13 years ago link

Would you have made the actual source code CC-licensed, or just the output of the poem generator? I’ve just done a bit of looking, and it seems Creative Commons licenses aren’t geared for software. From the Creative Commons FAQ:

“Creative Commons licenses are not intended to apply to software. … The licenses made available by the Free Software Foundation or listed at the Open Source Initiative should be considered by you if you are licensing software or software documentation. Unlike our licenses – which do not make mention of source or object code – these existing licenses were designed specifically for use with software.”

tursiops 13 years ago link

Ok I didn’t know in fact. My point was just that I wanted to release all the code and everything else as open-source but just wanted to reserve me the right of the commercial usage of this application. But I might change my idea and release everything on open-source. I’m still doubting about this one. What is your opinion about that?

Ben 13 years ago link

Hmmm, tursiops, I’m not sure. Probably the best way to go is what you’ve done – choose an OSI-approved license. Or are there OSI-approved licenses which forbid non-commercial use of the source code?

tursiops 13 years ago link

Can you please explain to me what do you mean by OSI-approved licence? It’s the first time I hear this word. The main point why I want all the code to be available for “free” is so that people can mess around and create like a japanese version, a german version etc…. so that everyone could benefit from it. And the main reason why I want to reserve me the right to use it commercialy, is not a greedy one, but more like a fund to fund other ideas that I have, and trust me I have many.

I hope you understand my point. And love to hear back from you.

Ben 13 years ago link

Sorry, OSI stands for the Open Source Initiative, and they have a list of approved open-source licenses – licenses okay’d by the OSI people. I haven’t looked in detail, but I’m not sure there are any that restrict commercial use.

So for now the only option would be to choose our proprietary license option and create your own. :-)

tursiops 13 years ago link

Ok thank you for all the information you provided. I’ll choose the GPL licence then for my project. What do I with this project then? Do I delete it, as it doesn’t apply to what it’s for?

Ben 13 years ago link

About this project, you could either change the details and therefore change the scope of the project, or just add an “Update: …” section to the project details telling people that it’s kinda historic. At the least, people will be able to see these comments and follow what’s happened.

At present there’s no easy way to delete a project that already has pledges.

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