Care3G HIS is a smart and modular software for hospitals and healthcare organizations

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care3g is developing this project as a donations-only project.

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CARE3G plans to be the third generation of CARE2X. It doesn’t conflicts with CARE2X development and it doesn’t intend to be a fork of it but rather its future. We envisage this branch as a big step forward without breaking the current development of Care2X and its current users around the globe.

CARE3G will port all parts of CARE2X that are MEDICAL specific and will adapt them to Drupal modules wrapped in a Drupal distribution. This will further help the development of future versions of CARE2X/3G because the Content Management and User Management System’s development will be developed and mantained by other bigger teams and the CARE3G team concentrates all its efforts only in what concerns to CARE2X/3G‘s development and maintenance.

Every part of what concerns to CARE2X is also applyable to CARE3G. The links included in this section will give you a very good idea of what we are planning. Read also this article to see what a DRUPAL distribution could be.

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