is a portal which brings pay per minute web cam chat technology for professionals

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Project details employs the same technology hereto used by Adult Cam sites for interacting models with clients. The difference being that instead of adult models, this site is intended for use by Professionals such as Doctors, Teachers, Technical Experts, Architects, Engineers, Consultants, Financial Experts to interact with their clients using the web cam chat technology and get paid for their valuable time.

To use this website, registered members require to only create their profile and log in. They do not need to install any software on their computers. Using a Web Camera connected to their computer and getting online, professionals can initiate private chat sessions with visitors and other members.

They can either engage in free chat or get paid per minute from each of the visitors or members. intends to provide the platform for this activity and equip the website with the latest cam technology. It plans to recover its investment by registering members in return for lifetime, annual or pay per use fees/donations and later on develop a full scale paid membership system. The portal makes available free membership for non-profit social organizations .

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