Bluetooth Chat for iPhone and iPod touch for underground travel with everybody who is in range

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There should be a communication when I sit in the underground train with my iPhone, listening to music and could chat over bluetooth with other people for the time beeing in the same wagon. They should see my profile or what i put in there like male/female, age, size, a little pic made with the build-in camera (hope the iPod touch will get one soon!), single yes/no etc.

Following features should be able to do or to use: online, offline, hidden, block, buddylist, show profile on/off

The usual what you also find on other chats.

With bluetooth, you can keep the connection simultaniously with up to 7 people. This should be enough for the fastest chatter ;-)

The problem what I see there is that nobody could make money out of that feature so except it would be a lot of fun, it would make nobody rich. So this is why I think this will never be realized.

Dear Mr. Steve Jobs, pleeeeezzzz give us more fun with your products !!!

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cmars232 16 years ago link

This is a cool idea and a fun app.

Is it possible to connect w/Bluetooth to an unpaired device though?

I don’t have an iPod or iPhone w/Bluetooth, but some of the features might be fun for phones too. It’d be fun to add compatible clients for J2ME & Android – if its possible. So much is locked down on mobile devices :(

I’ll have to look into this…

Metayer 16 years ago * link

thx. sorry - can’t answer ur questions :-(

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