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the representation of internal CRM data (explicitly in retail banking circles)

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the representation of internal CRM data (explicitly in retail banking circles) has been very much dull so far. Plus even if it were enhanced four business managers, it still lacks the “wow” factor and any meaningful database correlation.

What i am proposing in a nutshell is the following: 1. have predefined characteristics that would be true of any retail customer (profitability, rank, social status, working industry etc.) 2. Analyze the already pre-defined business reports built by each business unit 3. incorporate those data elements and give them life by being able to link any and all elements through some logic (almost like correlations) 4. have these notion depicted on a grand pre-defined way (like’s arc display for news) 5. Identify triggers that would keep alerting a set of users of what is going on with the customer: Customer-rep at branch Internal audit Operations Alternative channels Consumer finance etc. Each set of user will be able to identify their most essential needs from the performance reports they already have within the bank.
The smart CRM engine along with an intelligent logic built in can showcase the elements on one screen.

This concept would need direct inputs from each business area running the business parts of the retail group. It can be role based , risk based, profit and loss based, or just plain holistic customer view (what is known as a 360 view of a customer)

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Maurice 16 years ago link

Hi Saeed,

Interesting concept. I think most of the data would all ready be there, it would be, in a sense, a mining operation on current data. There may be some additional data required

Or did I miss the point?

saeedsiddiki 16 years ago link

hi Maurice i think u got it…the data of course at the very start has to be modeled and placeholder will be neede for sample dummy data to c how it behaves…

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