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technopuzzle is developing this project as a donations-only project.

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Project details is an educational website based on cosmetology, haircare, styling, coloring, etc. It is a membership based site and is totally free for licensed cosmetologists and cosmetology students.

The owner of the site, Mags Kavanaugh, believes that education should be free, which is why this site is free and non-subscription based. However, the running, maintenance and upkeep of the site is very extensive and expensive.

A very small portion of the sites operating costs are covered by advertising revenue, and affiliate commissions paid for wholesale purchases through the sites online shop. However, these small amounts do not even come close to covering the actual operating cost.

Which is why we are asking site members to donate to the upkeep and maintenance of the site.

Please remember to keep this hush hush from Mags, since we want to surprise her with the donations.

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jbuzz 15 years ago * link

The knowledge and advice gained from this site is worth so much. I hope everyone can give something rather than nothing. I have also donated towards the site.

copa girl 15 years ago link

The amount of knowledge available on this website is really not available anywhere else. I hope everyone can dig deep, what would we do without AskMags???

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