locks audio or vid file to there file destination, when downloaded from a provider or distributor.

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The audio or video file will be locked to a file destination upon download, to move the file the consumer must unlock the file path using a key that is purchased from the provider or distributor. whilst the key is purchased the file is now movable to a new destination, when the file is moved to a new destination the file is then over righted and a new code is imbedded thus making unmovable again. Or you receive a certain number of keys upon purchase. could charge as less as a penny for key. will create a contract on earnings with developer.

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maica 12 years ago link

Hi everyone out there in micro pledge, I need this project to become tangible. I have limited knowlegde of software development. This idea may seem crazy to some but I would like people to support and help to provide media industry standards.

Thank you for your support


cmars232 12 years ago link

I’d rather pay to have someone NOT develop this project. DRM is horrible!

maica 12 years ago link

cmars232 obviously is not an artist of any sort. I told you it may seem crazy to some. But beening an artist of digital media, I am pulling for DRM and I hope someone out there is to.

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