This is a 3D world with voice chat. (nothing new really but I can’t find any)

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The idea is to mix a “Second Life clone” with VoIP. To talk to someone you need to login to a instance (on which the person is logged in to) and walk up to that person.

The system will use 3D aware sound and you will only be able to hear persons that are close to you.

Now, next thing that’s gonna happen is that some “evil-kid” walks up to you and try to eaves drop on your conversation. So there will probably need to be guns too ;-D

The system should have an in-game editor (for terrain-modification and object placement).

It should have open and well defined formats for art creation and include a property- and trading service for users to be able to trade objects.

I have Torque Game Engine (commercial) extended with Prairie Games MMO Kit (OSS) in mind for the base engine. TGE has all above art pipelines already taken care of, and the MMO would be useful in implementing a property and commercial service.

This would require participants of the project to own a copy of TGE (or TGEA) but it’s reasonably priced and could be covered by pledges. Also the project will be OSS but will require TGE license to get any code which is restricted by the TGE license.

This is not a game! It’s a VoIP application. It could be run in a separate window.

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